Why is mentoring needed?

ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) is an European initiative  with the objective to support the European leadership in manufacturing through the adoption of advanced ICT technologies. A key objective of I4MS phase 2 is to expand the initiative to countries and regions not currently involved, with the aim to establish a Digital Innovation Hub in every European Region.

To create participation of new regions in the I4MS initiative, some regions will need the support and mentorship offered by the I4MS initiative. In two phases of the open calls, a total of 29 proposals have been selected to prepare feasibility studies for Digital Innovation Hubs. These projects will receive financial support as well as mentoring and coaching services.

Who will provide the mentoring and where?

The Innovation Actions and the two Coordination and Support Actions (I4MS Growth and XS2I4MS) forming phase 2 of the I4MS initiative will provide support to the 29 selected projects. A summary of the mentoring services provided is presented below:

  • The Innovation Actions are the coordinating mentor and are responsible for the financial support. Their mentoring expertise will focus on the I4MS technology. Additionally, the Innovation Actions will provide one-on-one consultancy.
  • The partners of the XS2I4MS project (part of the CSAs) are the coordinators of the overall Mentoring Program. They will provide support and expertise on more business oriented topics such as ecosystem assessment, developing a business plan, and organizing brokerage. The XS2I4MS mentoring activities will provide mentoring in the form of webinars, background materials, templates, etc.
  • The partners of the second CSA – I4MS Growth – will be responsible for the contracting of a limited number of projects and for providing general background information on I4MS.

In addition to these overall mentoring activities, the 29 mentored projects will be able to contact the experts from the Innovation Actions and the XS2I4MS project and request consultation on a specific issue.