Step 4: Stakeholder Consultation

The objective of the fourth step in developing a business plan is to collect insights of the interests and possible support from priority stakeholders. In this step, the business model is assessed and the outcomes are integrated into a draft business plan.

In order to achieve this objective, a business model and use cases need to be developed. The business model presents the value propositions (i.e. specific services/products) offered by the DIH to meet the needs of its clients (i.e. to create value). The use cases are more targeted and describe in more detail how the DIH can deliver services and how this would be of benefit to their customers.

Developing business models and use cases are extensive activities and include several meetings and discussions with stakeholders in the field. These discussions involve both bilateral meetings with priority stakeholders and a dedicated stakeholder workshop. Throughout the process, additional partners are identified, as well as potential investors/ funding agencies.

Based on these discussions, the business model(s) is assessed and input is integrated in the draft business plan. At the end of this step, the Digital Innovation Hubs will have a first draft of the business plan, integrating the outcome of the business model assessment and the use cases.