Step 1: Exploring Interest

A Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) starts with an idea. The main objective of the first step is to assess if this idea is interesting for the initiator and has potential added value to the organization and society. At the end of this assessment, a commitment from the lower management needs to be secured in order to proceed in the process and create the first sketch of the initiative.

The assessment of the DIH idea involves a number of discussions with internal stakeholders. For lower management to support the initiative, the focus should be put on the added value of the DIH. Therefore, the aim and objectives of the DIH should be clearly formulated and supplemented with initial exploration and assessment of the market, including USPs, potential competitors & partners, demand, possible funding. Convincing management of the added value of the initiative to the organization is an intricate process and the time frame, efforts, and costs should not be underestimated.

At the end of this step, next to commitment from management, a Green Paper with conceptual assessment of market and stakeholder needs to be written. This paper will provide a short introduction of the initiative that can be distributed and used in the following steps to initiate discussions with external stakeholders. This Green Paper can also serve to outline the executive summary of the future business plan.