Step 2: Building the Core Consortium

The overall objective of the second step is to create a project proposal to develop a business plan for the development of a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), with commitment from the core partners.

In order to achieve the objective, the Green Paper prepared in step 1 can be used to engage with core potential partners and discuss the possibilities of the initiative and opportunities for cooperation. An important element of the discussions with the partners is the identification of funding sources for the continuation of the initiative and creation of a business plan. Once a decision on the participation of the core partners has been reached, the consortium needs to identify the team as well as a champion assuming the leading role. This will ensure that the momentum of the initiative is kept.

The outcome from the discussions with the core partners need to be made clear in a project plan. The project plan needs to include a description of the objectives, approach, responsibilities, funding, etc. Such a project plan will act as a tool to manage expectations. The project plan should also be shared with and approved by the higher management of all core partners to participate in the project.