Step 3: Scanning the Field and Ecosystem Assessment

Innovation processes are characterized by a broad variety of linkages, interactions and feedback between a diverse set of actors and activities. In order to operate in the most efficient way, DIHs need assess their innovation ecosystem and :

  • identify the competitors, partners, funding organizations and other stakeholders active in its ecosystem. In addition, the core competences and potential roles of the actors in the DIH (e.g. providing training, infrastructure, finance, market demand)  should be identified;
  • illustrate the interactions between the different actors of the innovation system;

In addition, DIH need to identify linkages to policies, economic and societal challenges. These connections clarify the core societal issues that the DIH addresses and create an overall logical outline on the key benefits of the DIH.

The results of the identification and analysis undertaken in this third step in developing a business plan should be incorporated in an ecosystem assessment report.