Developing an Investment Plan

The objective of an investment plan is to define a multi-annual budget plan, with an overview of revenues resulting from the activities / services, and the costs. The investment plan has two major sections:

  1. Financial plan: the financial plan has to provide a detailed overview of the:
    • expected revenue sources (taken from the business model),
    • expected costs related to the start-up the DIH, setting up and maintaining its infrastructure, project costs resulting from the implementation of projects and operational costs,
    • expected investments
  2. Investment strategy: the investment strategy should address the funding needs of the DIH and assess the different financing opportunities which could be used by the DIH. This includes the development of a strategy for long-term operations of the DIH and discussions with possible investors. Moreover, the investment strategy should provide an overview of the public funding opportunities connected to the policies relevant for the DIH and the possible approaches to involve private investors. As public and private investors are interested in different aspects of the DIH, the business model should be tailored to each investor before applying for funding.

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