Governance and organization

Governance and organization are an important element of the business plan since they make clear what the most important partners are, but also the DIH connection to other stakeholders. A well-developed governance and organization structure is there to convince the investors that the initiative has strong capacities and can rely on committed partners.

When outlining this structure, DIH need to address eight separate points:

  • Overall organization of the DIH;
  • The DIH team: information should include a high profile CEO (the champion), the management team, the experts working for the DIH, and the organization of the research and innovation program of the DIH;
  • Crucial other (informal) partners;
  • Memberships: participation of industry and how it is organized are important indicators for investors in the initiative
  • Governance: the elements that create a regulation and accountability structure for the initiative;
  • Location: DIH should explain why they chose a single location or a satellite model;
  • Organization of Intellectual Property, including IPR model, licensing organization and anticipated revenues.
  • PR and Communications plan, including planned activities and costs;

The governance and organization chapter of the Business Plan also needs to describe the way the contacts are ensured with the industry and other stakeholders. As location has a crucial impact on the partners and other stakeholders participation, this is also included in the chapter.

For more information, see the Business Plan template here.