Organizing Brokerage

Brokerage activities are a tool dedicated to setting up new partnerships and for launching new collaborative project proposals. It is a way to strengthen the cooperation between European SMEs, industries and research units and to give to European organizations a simple, direct and accessible way to find partners all around Europe.

Brokerage is all about bridging and enabling interaction at different levels in order to:

  1. provide information: brokerage services operate a network database and assist SMEs to find information on topics such as different technologies, potential partners, markets, and competitors.
  2. match parties and technologies and build networks: brokerage supports technology transfer and tries to match the parties and the technologies. Brokerage services are also part of the construction of an effective network and could also encourage clustering;
  3. support high quality interaction: next to network management, brokerage also helps in the development of a collaborative culture within the DIH ecosystem;